How to Book this Exhibition

Designed as a traveling Exhibition, BACKYARDS AND BEYOND: Mississippians and Their Stories combines Painted Portraits and Live Field Recordings into a moving and timeless Exhibition which celebrates both art and humanity.

The mission of BACKYARDS AND BEYOND: Mississippians and Their Stories is to create a powerful Exhibition of 81 privately owned paintings, which, in turn, forms a special Exhibition that will travel to Museums, Art Centers, and Cities throughout the South and the Nation for years to come.

H.C. Porter’s powerful images of the Human Spirit are paired with live audio recordings of those represented in the paintings … each portrait telling his or her own story directly to the viewer.

This Exhibition will be a long-term reminder of how the people of our state have experienced and endured this country’s greatest natural disaster.

Our goal is for this Exhibit to be shown in every state in the Nation at least once !

“This is the event that will be passed down for generations … the event that brought people from around the globe to the aid of Mississippians …”
- Artist H.C. Porter

Over and over again our interviews reveal that those dealing with unimaginable loss have maintained hope and sanity because of the amazing and constant outpouring of volunteerism, both nationally and internationally.

A portion of the net proceeds from various components of the Exhibit (book & print sales, exhibition fees, etc) will be earmarked for a special fund set up to help rebuild lives and communities in Mississippi.

For more information on how to book this Exhibit, please visit contact Glenn Sanford or Karole Sessums at (601) 661.9444 or at

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