Become a Painting Sponsor and an Important Part of Mississippi History

Essential to the funding of this project is the pre-selling of every painting in the exhibition, either to a private or corporate collection. These paintings will be on loan to the exhibit and will travel for a minimum of two years.
From the individual patron to the Pearl High School Advanced Art Club which sold candy to raise funds to purchase its painting, the spirit of volunteerism and giving shines brightly in the support being shown this exceptional exhibition. The purchase of a painting does not express the full extent of the gift each patron is making. These paintings will be on loan to the exhibit and will travel for two years (H.C. Porter will create new replacement paintings to continue traveling with the exhibit after the initial patrons take possession of their paintings). The ability to list each painting as being “in the collection of” tangibly reflects the spirit of community nation wide which grew out of the events of August 29, 2005.

Through generous donations or the pre-purchase of an exhibition painting, limited edition giclee, or commemorative poster, H. C. Porter patrons across the nation have made the development of this project possible to date.

The Second Phase: A Permanent Exhibition

H.C. Porter hopes this traveling exhibition will continue its journey throughout the country and world for years to come. Mississippi Power, a major sponsor of Backyards & Beyond, is currently planning to spearhead the building of a museum, part of which would be a permanent home to this exhibition.

To accomplish this, H.C. Porter will soon embark on the second phase of this historic exhibition. This is your opportunity to become part of Mississippi's history and purchase one of the paintings that will make up this permanent body of work. Your purchase and subsequent donation to the exhibition would allow you to take a tax deduction for the full value of the painting and have your name permanently attached.

Please consider adding your name to this distinguished list of sponsors. Help us take Mississippi’s story to the rest of the nation by sponsoring a painting in your name. To place your order or for more details, please call 601.661.9444.

Exhibition Painting Options
  • $2,570, 27 1/2" x 32" (framed)
  • $3,200, 32" x 33" (framed)
  • $3,855, 33" x 39" (framed)
  • $5,200, 26" x 55" (framed)
  • $6,700, 47" x 57" (framed)

To view sample images of the Backyards & Beyond exhibition paintings, please visit the H.C. Porter mixed media originals online art gallery.

Additional options for becoming an Exhibition Sponsor:
  • $1,000 Advance Purchase of S/N Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print (28”x34”)
  • $500 Advance Purchase of S/N Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print (Unframed) 22”x30”
  • $100 - $350 Advance Purchase of Signed Commemorative Poster from Exhibition (Unframed)
  • Donation with no purchase preferred.

For a list of our current individual sponsors, click here.

"H.C. Porter’s powerful images of the Human Spirit, paired with audio recordings of those represented in the paintings, will keep the awareness and needs of our state alive for as many years as this Exhibit is presented. The opportunity to show the rest of this country and the world who we are as Mississippians is monumental. The unity, diversity, resiliency, and love for this state recorded throughout her documentary, both visually and audibly, is certain to transform the often held, outdated stereotype of this great state forever."

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