“I saw shoulders with burdens I wanted to carry. With my work I try to free hands from the basket - do justice with color and image - show the riches and the joy.” - Artist H.C. Porter

As a Mississippi native and artist, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the BACKYARDS & BEYOND: Mississippians and Their Stories section of my website. This is a project that is VERY dear to my heart.

Hurricane Katrina changed forever the coastline of my home state and the lives of its people. As a painter I am considered a social realist, therefore, it is a natural extension of my work to document these challenges and in some small way tell the story of those affected.

BACKYARDS & BEYOND: Mississippians and Their Stories is a huge undertaking made up of lives, hopes, dreams and loss. The time spent with my neighbors has shown me that a very significant outlet for their healing is the telling of their story. Part of their restoration and hope comes from knowing that they are being heard. As an artist and fellow Mississippian, I have a huge responsibility to relay their stories to the nation. I am asking you to help make sure their stories are heard clearly for decades to come, encouraging a spirit of national volunteerism and fundraising not only for Mississippi, but those states that will follow.

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